Production & progress

In 2014 we dropped our first, self titled album, "Scratch21". Today, the "Scratch21" record has moved 1,700+ CDs, and over 25,000+ digital downloads (that we can count for) of our songs.

We're so grateful to have the audience we have. We want to give thanks to everyone who has taken the time out to listen to our music. We want to give thanks to the people who reach out to us with their stories and kind words. You give substance and meaning to our creative endeavours.

In early 2015 we announced we would be working on a new record, and we still have yet to deliver. We're sorry for the time this project has taken, we deeply appreciate everyone's patience and excitement. We haven't forgotten about you.

This next record "Generations", is going different and exciting places. We're trying some new things and really liking the progress we've been making. We confidently feel that you are going to enjoy this album far more than our first.

Sadly, giving an estimate of when to expect the album is not something we can do - but we're working towards getting it finished sooner rather than later. In lieu of an announcement date, we will be maintaining this page with information and updates to songs as they come. Allowing listeners to follow and be informed on the progress.

Our sound has developed and so have ourselves as artists, be prepared for a new level of Scratch. We plan to hit hard and loud with this. We can't wait for the day we're done and can give the record to the hands and ears of our fans and listeners. Thank you all for being a part of this journey with us.

- M, R, C, E



"Generations" Track List

(*Title is subject to change)

(Displayed order does not represent album track order)


1. *Heroes

[Instrumental Progress - 2:20 ]

(LAST UPDATE - 02-01-19)


2. *Inertia

[Instrumental Progress - 2:10 ]

(LAST UPDATE - 02-01-19)


3. *Apology

[Instrumental Progress - 2:30 ]

(LAST UPDATE - 02-01-19) 

4. *Fracture

[Instrumental Progress - 2:30 ]

(LAST UPDATE - 03-01-19)


5. *Pieces

[Instrumental Complete - 4:30 ]

[Needing Vocals & Lyrics]

(LAST UPDATE - 13-01-19) 

6. *Gotta' Go

[Instrumental Progress - 2:15 ]

(LAST UPDATE - 13-12-18)


7. Thursfield

[Instrumental Progress - 1:35 ] 

(LAST UPDATE - 04-02-19)


8. Not Again

[Instrumental Complete - 4:50]

[Needing Vocals & Lyrics]

(LAST UPDATE - 06-11-18)


9. *Rotten

[Instrumental Progress - 2:20 ] 

(LAST UPDATE - 09-07-18)


10. *Falling

[Instrumental Progress - 1:40 ]

(LAST UPDATE - 09-12-18)


11. Ayleeyuns


(RELEASED 20/09/19)